Haidlao opens at Sky One Plaza

Haidilao has officially opened their doors at Sky One Plaza. With a 20-year history, Haidilao has become a world-renowned favourite for Chinese hot pot with over 935 restaurants across China, Singapore, the U.S, South Korea, Japan, Canada, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Australia.


With an innate focus on personalised service and providing the highest quality of food to their customers, Haidilao’s mission is to create happy hot pot time and spread the love of healthy hot pot culture to foodies all over the world.


Striving to create an immersive and entertaining experience you will not soon forget, Haidilao encourages its guests to spark conversations with friends or strangers alike.


Part of their mission is to inspire their customers to communicate openly over a shared meal, acknowledging that trust is at the heart of all social connections – thus making Haidilao’s hot pot is the perfect destination for social networking.


Known and loved all over the globe, we are delighted to invite you to “have fun at Haidilao” Sky One Plaza!
Haidlao is located On Level 2, Sky One Plaza.

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